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Moving Checklist

What to Do Seven to Nine Weeks Before Moving

When you are ready to move to your new property you will need to be able to get your move ready well before the actual day of moving to Los Angeles. It is best to get started with preparing your move about seven to nine weeks before the big moving day. Here are a few things to watch for when you are getting ready for moving.

A great thing to do is to look into what you can bring from your current home into your new one. You should take a look at the plan for the home that you will be moving into and see what things will be able to fit into it. In some cases you will not be able to move some of your things with you.

If you find things that you cannot bring with you it helps to sell of these things well before moving. You can sell things through a garage sale. You can also send things to other family members. You might even be able to donate some of your things to some charities in the area that you are moving from. When you get rid of these things you’ll have an easier time moving while being able to cut costs.

It helps to get a folder ready for planning all materials that are going to be used for your move. You should get a moving folder to help with storing data regarding moving service costs and plans as well as receipts. Holding onto your receipts will help because you can get some tax deductions for some of your moving expenses through Form 3903.

You should then book a plane or rental car for moving purposes if you are going to be traveling by plane to your new home or you will not have an available car on hand. Reservations will need to be prepared well in advance so that you can save money.

If you are still going to be working in Los Angeles for the same company that you are working for in your old city you should talk with the company to see what moving costs the company will cover. Many companies will cover some or all moving costs that are involved for a person looking to move to a new place.

If you have children you should watch for the different things that go with switching schools. You should tell any schools your kids are currently attending of your move. This is so that the school records and reports that these schools have on your kids can be easily sent from the old school to a new one in the Los Angeles area.

What to Do Five to Six Weeks Before Moving

As you get closer to the big moving day you will need to do a few things so that you will be well prepared. Some things should be done about five to six weeks before you move.

When you have gotten your new home ready in your next city you should be sure that you have the address ready. You will need to be able to fill out a few change of address forms with some agencies. This is so you will be able to get all of your services to continue at your new location. You should get a change of address form filled out at your local post office. Data should also be sent out to the IRS and DMV.

The money that you have in a bank in the local area will need to be transferred as well. You should be sure that you talk with your local bank about moving your funds from an account in one bank to another. It can take weeks for your funds to move from one bank to another so it helps to take with your bank about this at this point. This is especially important if the bank you are with has no locations in the area you are moving to.

All medical records that you have should be received as well. You should watch for getting records from your doctor, your dentist and, if you have a pet, your veterinarian. With this you will be able to get your records transferred to new medical experts of your choosing in the area where your new home is located in.

If you are going to be having a garage sale to help with selling off things that you don’t need with you or can’t bring on your move you should have it around this time. You should be able to get a garage sale going this early before your move so that you will be able to relieve yourself of some things.

Any appliances and other large and valuable items that you have should be checked on as well. You should look to see if there are any repairs needed for your materials. If you do need to get any repairs ready you should look into getting your appliances serviced so that they will be ready in time for the move. You should have this done well before your moving day comes in order to guarantee that these things can move with you.

What to Do Four Weeks Before Moving

You will need to reserve the proper materials for getting your items moved. You should contact a moving company at this time to reserve a van or trailer to work with moving your things. This is so you will guarantee something that can work for handling your materials.

After you get a moving company ready you should start working with packing all of your materials at this point before moving. You can get many materials that can work with these boxes, including tape and labels, from the moving company you are working with. It helps to be sure that you find everything that you can pack so that you will be able to get the moving process to run smoothly. Be sure to keep records on all boxes so that you can figure out what items are in certain boxes.

Four weeks before your move is a good time to start researching different places of interest in your area. You should look into parks, libraries, churches and restaurants in the area that you are moving into. It also helps to see what shopping centers, gas stations and supermarkets are available around where you are.

The utility companies at your old and new homes should be contacted as well. You should contact utility groups, including water, telephone and electricity groups, at your old home about when you will have your materials disconnected from that location. You should contact the groups at your new home about when the materials are going to be connected. With this you will get everything handled without spending money on days of services that you are not using at either location.

You should also be contacting any television providers you have about your move. You should notify your cable or satellite company about when you will be moving so that your service can be disconnected. For a cable company you should talk with one in your new area for when your cable will be activated. For a satellite company you should get a date set up for when your satellite dish can be installed.

If you have items installed within your home and you want to move them with you it will help at this time to contact groups to help you out with removing things so that you can bring them with you. It helps to reserve certain times for this to happen. This is important because removing some installed items yourself can be dangerous due to electrical concerns.

What to Do Two Weeks Before Moving

When you are two weeks away from your moving day you should watch for a couple of important things for moving. These are things that are vital to your moving process.
You should be sure to get all plans with movers set in stone. This includes data on times for when certain things will be picked up and when you will have to get out of your old property by. This is especially important for any large items that you are going to be moving like cars or appliances. Insurance information with regards to certain things for your move should also be handled when you are getting ready with finalizing all moving plans.

Any computers that you have should be backed up as well. For your protection you should take any computers you have and back up all files that you have on them. You should keep the discs that you back up your materials on with you when moving. This is so any personal information that you have on any of your computers will be well protected.

It also helps to look into any other expensive materials that you want to move with you. These include things like jewelry or other invaluable family heirlooms. Sometimes keeping tabs on what you have at all times can give you peace of mind while moving as well as being able to protect them from any dangerous actions.

You should pack all personal data records with you as well. These include your passport and birth certificate among other things. This personal information should be carefully guarded.

If you have any business to deal with regarding certain businesses in your old area you should get those deals finished immediately. These things include returning library materials and video store items, picking up prescriptions and taking anything that you had in any safe deposit boxes at any local banks.

If you have any dangerous materials in your home that contain chemicals or are flammable you should contact the moving company you are working with about what you have. You should confirm all information with regards to what they can handle and what they cannot work with. In most cases flammable materials cannot be handled and as a result you will have to get rid of them. If some items with chemicals cannot be moved then you should find places where you can legally dispose of them.

What to Do on the Moving Day

When the big moving day finally comes you will need to take care of a couple of last minute things. These are all needed so that you can get out of your old home and into a new home in the Los Angeles area quickly.

You will need to sign an inventory with the movers on the day of your move. This is a list of large things that you will need to have handled along with details on what is going to be heading out from your property. You will need to sign that inventory when you have worked with it and you will need to go around your house with the moving company to check on all things.

Be sure to double check all cabinets and drawers that are located around your house to see if you have retrieved everything. After all, with all the things that you have handled around the house there is always the possibility that you might have missed some small details somewhere.

The trailer or other material that is going to be used for storing materials you are moving should be checked. You should see that the van is in good condition and is not going to be prone to leaks in the event of any precipitation in any area that the van goes through.

It also helps to see that any boxes that contain fragile items are being loaded into a trailer or moving van last. This is so that you will be ensured that all fragile items are not going to be harmed.

All keys to your old home should be given out to a safe place for access. This is so the real estate group can keep tabs on them and give them to whoever is going to be moving into the home next.

Be sure to also check on any prescriptions that you have. You should have enough prescription medicine that you might need for the entire length of time when you will not be able to get into your new home.

The last thing to do is to send out contact information with regards to how you can be contacted. This includes the new number you will have for your new Los Angeles home and any email information you might have. You should send this off to family members and the moving company that you are working with.


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