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Movers Responsabilities


In some countries, activities of moving companies are unregulated, thereby giving room to scams and unsatisfied customers who even lack where to forward their plight. But here in America, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) carries out the responsibility of protecting consumers while on inter state moves, while spelling out in clear terms the responsibilities, rights and privileges of consumers and goods movers.

After a household goods carrier of your choice is made, they must hand over to you a document detailing your rights, and what is required of you. Try to understand every detail in the document and you would seek redress assuming anything goes wrong during the course of moving.

If in doubts, do not fail to seek further advice from the Mover, including contact details and Customer Support Personnel that will always be on stand by to answer your queries.


Ensure the document contains all necessary shipping details so that you can determine the charges for all its services. Remember, you don’t want to overshoot your budget just because you have to move.

Let the movers put into writing, estimates you are expected to make. Do not accept those that are non-binding, as they full of flaws.

Regarding missing or damaged items let the mover explain to you details of what he is taking responsibility of. If in doubt of any technical word such as valuation and actual insurance, let the mover make it simple for you to understand their terms in lay man’s way. You don’t want to be conned.

If the payment structure is weight-based, have your items reweighed if and when you are not convinced about its actual weight. You can also decide to be present when the weighing is taking place to avoid any waste of time.

Be aware of all the dispute settlement facility available so that your claims can be collected. Be precise about details here. Try to get what other movers offer in case of similar situations so that you won’t be at any loss. But do not give any details that may give the movers competitor undue advantage.

If the pamphlet you were given does not answer most of your questions, find out from their liaison officer or any other agent responsible for arranging your move any further details that will help you. Even the vehicle’s driver or flagman is not spared here.


The basic thing required of you is to make adequate research before choosing your goods carrier and being sure you fully understand their terms of service.

After going through The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations, check if they are applicable in your zone. For example, moves between Commercial Zones defined in 49 CFR part 372 are not applicable to any rules and regulations under this undertaking. But this undertaking is expressly necessary for all good carriers offering interstate moving services to follow religiously. This applies only if you are moving from one state to another.


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