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Dangerous to Pack


Safety regulators have issued a comprehensive list of items home movers should stay away from. Apart from these, some items are classified under non-shipping items, and this rule must be obeyed. Make frantic effort to obtain this list if you intend to do your packing alone. Exceptional from this menu are items such as your personal gym which should only be moved by trained personnel only.

For your convenience, I have gone through this list and highlighted a few items found in most homes that need expert hands before moving them to a new location.


Are you a regular smoker or do you use lighters very often? If your response is in the affirmative, then this piece of information is vital for your safety, the safety of the moving personnel and the safety of your belongings too. Never place lighters or their fuels in a hot moving vehicle as they may gain energy, combust and burn extensively. These fuels are highly inflammable so don’t joke with them.


Just like lighters, if you own any ammunition, guns or explosives, never carry them along in the boot of a vehicle in motion as the heat may set it off to combust. If the moving company does not have air-conditioned trucks in its fleet, do not use their services, its too risky.


You don’t want your foodstuffs, vegetables, flowers etc to wither while you are in transit, so avoid moving such items, except potted flowers are placed in open air trucks for some aeration, and within short journeys. Make sure your fridges and deep freezers are kept free from all food items for at least a day before the moving day. To keep your refrigerators clean and offensive smell-free, make sure the doors are kept open to prevent the growth of micro-organisms.


Do you know that you can accidently create chemical explosives if your cleaning agents are not properly handled? The heat emanating from the moving trucks can activate such chemicals or harmful gases may be set off.


Just like cleaning agents, wet-cell batteries such as car batteries contain some chemicals that may combust when in contact with high temperatures. As a caution, make sure the vehicles are coolly air-conditioned if you have to transport your batteries still.


Avoid moving your gardening implements like fertilizers and chemical weed killers, as they contain some toxic chemicals that may become explosive if they come in close contact with heat for long periods. Special arrangements should be made before transporting these materials.


Except you are sure your cash, titles, agreements, bonds, certificates and other valuables will not get stolen or damaged in transit, you should not carry them in packages when moving. It is safer carrying them in your person or in a handbag that you will carry along.


There some useful documents, notes, files that you may need to use in the course of moving, but if they were packed like others, you will find it difficult accessing them. It is advisable that you carry such articles with you to avoid regrets or losses later.


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