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Moving Goes Wrong


Fear of the unknown is the single most revered subject when you are considering moving. Exploitative agents, damages, lost items are just a few of these fears. But just as they say, movement is a characteristic of a living thing, man must move despite these associated problems. These are carefully thought out road map to avoiding these problems.


To begin with, get a list of moving agencies from the yellow pages; get to call a few of them to inquire about the following.

I. Pricing Structures. Is it time or distance based? As well as any extra or special charges that may be incurred.

II. Insurance policies against damages.

III. Company rules and the order it follows when moving is planned.

IV. Logistics inquired and employed.

You can also find out from friends and relations details of moving companies they used, and their experiences. These steps will help you make a useful choice.


After writing down your list of choices, find out from the Better Business Bureau in your area to find out if they are registered. If not, they are not qualified.


Assuming all your items cannot be delivered together at once, find out where and how they will be stored before eventual transmission to you. This is very crucial as several moving companies have used this medium to scam people, when they are asked to pay additional fees for such services. Let them also explain in detail what they mean by the term ‘Undeliverable’.


Before entering into any agreement with the moving company and appending your signatures, read very well the contents of the agreement. Anywhere you are in doubt, don’t fail to spend time asking questions.


If the moving company charges are weight based, be sure you have confirmed the weight of your belongings yourself before checking with the company’s weight results. Remember, every inflated weight is an additional cost on you.


Be certain that the company enters contractual agreement with you to accept responsibility for any piece of furniture or belonging that fails to get to its destination on the appointed time.


Make the sure company accepts liability in terms of compensation for damaged or lost properties. Find out also how their handling procedures have been in the past jobs they have done.


This is very important. Be sure you understand every detail here. Does the company accept deposits and the balance paid after successful moving? Can deposits be refunded? Every bit of information here is crucial so you don’t need to regret your actions later.


If you have read and understood contractual agreements, make sure they are not open ended in the sense that new charges may be introduced after you may have drawn your budgets for the project.

Moving as well as change of environment is a great deal of work, therefore it requires your maximum attention and mental alertness.


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